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Zvýšení konkurenční schopnosti při exportu uhlí z Ostravska a Polska
Význam vodního koridoru D-O-L pro racionální distribuci strategických surovin
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Development of national economy, regional economy and micro-regions

Water corridor D-O-E  allow to transport heavy and oversized cargo, which is currently not possible to transport or is transported by road as excessive costs, the price of expensive special measures and excessive wear of road elements. Particular allow export of Ostrava iron products, and  of other industrial companies with cost-effective water transportation and streamline their supply of energy raw materials (coal, coke). With the ability to transport the strategic raw materials (oil, natural gas) in large quantities are waterways strategic part of the national economy and help prevent crises in these commodities. 

Pro přepravu nákladů až do 1000 tun se používají speciální lodě typu ro-ro. 

For carrying loads of up to 1,000 tonnes are used a special Ro-Ro vessels