Saturday, 22 Jun 2024

Agricultural Development 

Moravian area has largely developed the food industry. Even the DOE water corridor helps greatly, especially by reducing the costs of transporting of products - such as grain and fertilizer. Allows the export of these products to distant destinations to which land transport - road and rail - is too expensive. Water transport can also easy transport oversized farm machinery (combines, plows, seeding, shiniest plane, bulk transport trailers, etc.). 

Vodní doprava umožňuje ekonomickou přepravu zemědělských produktů. Na obrázku říční loď na přepravu mouky. 

Water transport ensure economical transport of agricultural products. On the picture inland vessel to transport flour. 

Projekt říční lodi pro přepravu zboží na paletách 

Project of inland vessel for transporting goods on pallets

Water transport can supply stores and supermarkets by the goods in containers or pallets and is suitable for all types of goods and foodstuffs. 

Use of agricultural land for the construction of DOE corridor will be fully compensated by the creation of new bodies of water used also for fish farming purposes. DOE will ensure sufficient water for irrigation of fields even if there will be adverse development of the climate in the future.

V oblasti Jižní Moravy jsou nutné závlahy, D-O-L zajistí vodu pro zemědělství. 

In the area of South Moravia, irrigation is necessary, DOE will ensure water for agriculture